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Developed by six Autodesk employees while working at a small software company called Eagle Development, AutoCAD was originally named Eagle/2 CAD. After Eagle Development was acquired by Autodesk in 1985, the company was rebranded as Autodesk, Inc. With the release of the new software, the company dropped the second part of its name, and began to be referred to as simply Autodesk. In 1990, Autodesk was sold to The Gilbane Group, a company that was later acquired by Gilat Satellite Networks. The Gilbane-Autodesk merger was a major rebranding of Autodesk, Inc. as part of the Gilat Group. In 1998, Gilat was acquired by Teledyne-Continental. In 2000, Teledyne-Continental and private equity firm Advent International took the company private. In August 2004, Teledyne-Continental merged with URS Corporation to form Teledyne URS. In September 2011, Teledyne-URS (by then part of The Carlyle Group) was acquired by Autodesk, Inc. As a result of the merger, Autodesk then changed its name to Autodesk.

AutoCAD is a sequel to Draw & Slide, Autodesk’s first CAD program. A later version of the software was named AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, depending on the microcomputer platform being used. In 2009, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT for iOS. Later that year, Autodesk released a web-based version of AutoCAD LT for free, and added a new version of AutoCAD known as AutoCAD 2012. The last major software release, AutoCAD 2013, was released in December 2012. In 2017, AutoCAD was discontinued in favor of the newer AutoCAD 360 platform.

Autodesk AutoCAD Desktop App

AutoCAD (originally Eagle/2 CAD) is an AutoCAD LT version and a legacy version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT was originally an official Autodesk program. Eagle/2 CAD was introduced as a commercial software application in 1982, and is no longer available. AutoCAD has two versions: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD. AutoCAD is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, while AutoCAD LT is only available for Windows. AutoCAD LT is a simplified version of AutoCAD, and can run on micro

AutoCAD With Key

For importing and exporting information, the DXF standard requires a header and footer to be inserted. These are read by the import module of AutoCAD and stored in a separate file. In the final DXF file the actual information of the drawing is stored in a separate file. If the user then exports this file, these separate files are converted into a DXF file with the header and footer.

Autocad Feature objects
There are many objects that the user is able to access through the graphical user interface (GUI) of AutoCAD. These are called “Feature objects” and they are available from the “GUI toolbar”. These include polylines, splines, arcs, hatches, 3D shapes, notes, dimensions, dimension styles, database objects, annotations, labels, and model space objects. The objects are generally simple containers for data that must be contained in an object. The feature object has the ability to contain other object and sub-objects, which it will in turn display. For example, a note on a feature will show its note type, and any text notes on the note will also appear. When a feature is exported to a dxf file, all of the notes, dimensions, etc., are included.

Command Objects
This allows the user to perform actions with options, allowing for automation of common tasks. This includes the creation of objects, the manipulation of objects, and the selection of objects.

Direct selection. This allows the user to select an object by its index or object number. For example, if you want to draw a 2D straight line, you would type the command ‘line’ followed by the number 2, and it would create a straight line from one point to another.
Object manipulation. This allows the user to manipulate the properties of an object, such as moving, rotating, deleting, etc.
Object placement. This is a relatively new feature in AutoCAD that allows the user to place objects on the drawing and then move them around freely. To create a door, the user would place the door using the command ‘door’. Then, by manipulating the two handles of the door, the user would be able to move the door in any direction.

Collision detection and response
Autodesk acquired an early form of collision detection and response (CDR) for use with AutoCAD.

CADQuery was introduced in the early 2000s as a cross-platform CDR technology. The project


Autocad Screen 1
AutoCAD Screen 2

The Autocad is activated now, you have to:
– Pick up a brush or a line
– Go to the menu, and pick File, Drawing, Erase. You can then erase your brush or your line.

The black circles are put on the screen.

There is an Autocad plugin for Java Plug-in.

Autocad is already installed.

There are two download link here

(Autocad for Java Web Start)
(Autocad for Java plugin)


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What’s New in the?

The Import Export dialog box provides a streamlined way to import and export files. You can import images, videos, reports, word docs, and even web pages. (video: 5:30 min.)

You can choose to use all of AutoCAD’s drawing features, or let us limit your ability to edit parts of the drawing by using a set of restricted editing commands. The restricted drawing mode provides greater control and less distraction for the people who create and edit your drawings. It also ensures that your drawings are available for others to work with when you’re working on different projects and can be used in more ways than you expect. (video: 3:25 min.)

Drawing, sizing, and positioning objects in your drawings is made easier with the new Sizing and Positioning commands. These commands let you precisely control the size of a window, a line, a circle, an arc, a polyline, a text string, or a text box. You can easily set the height and width of individual objects, and place objects anywhere in your drawings. (video: 3:45 min.)

The Selection submenu of the drawing window gives you quick access to options for selecting objects, editing selections, and temporarily hiding objects. Using the new Point-and-click selection tool lets you select objects by clicking on any point on the object you want to select, or you can select an object by clicking it. (video: 2:25 min.)

Use the New tool to place objects in drawings or to draw freehand. You can select the New tool by clicking the toolbar, and you can reach the New tool by pressing Ctrl+Y. You can also toggle the New tool on or off by selecting it in the tool palette. (video: 3:00 min.)

When you print your drawings, you can edit the printed page to include information, drawings, and your signature. Use the Markup command to add your signature, drawing or text, or other information to your printed pages. The Markup command also lets you change the size of the signature, change its color, or create a white background for the signature. (video: 2:20 min.)

Navigate to any drawing in your My Network or My Path, as well as navigate between work groups and My Network groups. New commands and additions to the navigation bar let you quickly access tools, drawings, and other features. You can customize your Navigation bar by adding

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (32-bit)
Processor: Dual Core 1.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Windows XP (32-bit), NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
DirectX: Version 9.0c, GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
Hard Drive: 4GB free space
Additional Notes:
-Compatible with Windows Vista, but may require some configurations.
OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)