Keymacro helps you make the keyboard function as you wish. ( It can also be known as Keyboard Macro)
Keymacro provides the most useful command feature for your keyboard shortcuts. ( It can also be known as Macro, Shortcut, or Keymap)
Keymacro allows to create a shortcut using user defined commands and also to modify the current shortcut.
Keymacro allows to create shortcuts using a set of predefined commands.
* You can use all the shortcut keys from windows plus the extra shortcuts of your choice.
* You can define a set of commands as shortcuts or macros.
* You can save the Macros you created as a set.
You can specify the command to be used to create the shortcut. (eg. alt+c=create shortcut)
You can specify the command to be used to modify the shortcut. (eg. ctrl+a=add)
You can define which key will be used to execute the command. (eg. alt=alt and alt+space=spacebar)
You can specify a key to execute the command when the shortcut is activated. (eg. shift=shift and shift+space=shift and spacebar)
You can change the order of the commands. (eg. ctrl+alt+1=alt and ctrl+alt+2=ctrl)
You can create shortcut to open any window on your desktop. (For eg. New -> Open -> New)
* Windows XP/Vista
* Windows 7
* Windows 8/8.1/10
Keymacro Features:
* Easy to use
* A large number of shortcuts can be set for your keyborad
* You can save and edit the shortcuts you created
* You can also create new shortcuts
* You can set a key to execute the command
* You can specify the order of the shortcuts.
* You can change the shortcut type to open any window on your desktop. (For eg. New -> Open -> New)
Keymacro is a simple program that provides the necessary features to manage all your keyboard shortcuts in one place. It helps you keep track of your shortcuts to create your own shortcuts. (macro)
It gives you a lot of control over your keyboard. (macro)
You can set any of the three types of shortcuts: commands, key macros, or both. (macro)
You can assign the keys to be used for each type of shortcuts. (mac 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a simple instant messaging application. It is designed to be used with the Keymacro-client.
KMacro is not a full blown instant messaging application, although it does have some of the same functionality as others. It is ideal for business or educational use, as it is not as heavy on the resources as full blown IM applications.
KEYMACRO main features:

• Easy to use with simple controls, such as choosing when to send a message
• Supports many kinds of Instant messaging protocols, such as MSN, YAHOO, AIM, ICQ, SIP and many more
• No installed client required (it can run in the background at all times)
• Main screen displays local chat history
• Supports multiple participants in chat
• Supports text messaging
• Supports file transfer
• Supports a feature where the main window of the application can be customized
• Supports a list of online contacts, where each contact can be set as either offline or online
• Supports file downloading


IsoWord is an open source easy to use document editor, which is inspired by Microsoft Word. It is possible to edit many types of files (images, videos, sound, etc.).
IsoWord features:

• Ability to import images, videos, sound files, and save as images, audio, video, and various formats
• Supports different fonts and font sizes
• Ability to format text and insert special characters
• Allows the user to save files as named or numbered documents
• Allows the user to insert images into text
• Allows the user to print documents

Oddly enough there are a number of applications out there designed to make someone’s social networking life easier. While I’ve seen a few that are pretty good, none of them come close to looking, feeling and acting just like Facebook.

This one may very well be the one.

It’s a more human and “realistic” Facebook, designed to take full advantage of the touch screen interface and intuitive functionality.

Being able to see just how far this application has come, and how much it has matured in the last few months is quite awesome. In fact, with only a few months ago a brief glance at their site would lead one to believe that Facebook was just a little down the street.

For those of you who have been following Facebook, you may recall that they have been very secretive in their development process, leaving